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About Patti

I studied metal arts from 1999 to 2003 at Monterey Peninsula College, here in Monterey. Starting in 2001, I participated in the college jewelry sales that raised money for the Metal Arts Department, and found that my designs were well received. In 2002, a jewelry making friend invited me to booth share with her at a number of craft fairs.


At that point, I decided to develop a kimono style jacket in various fabrics to compliment my jewelry. That was the beginning of my clothing line. In 2003 I went out on my own and began to participate in craft fairs around the bay area, and beyond.

I love offering women of all ages interesting jewelry and clothing. When a woman puts on a piece I have made and it looks wonderful on her, she is thrilled, and so am I! Being able to take my creative ideas out into the world is my greatest pleasure.

My jewelry can be seen in local galleries. My clothing is available at shows or here at my website.

My studio is in my home and I am always happy to have visitors. Just call or email me for an appointment.


Deepest thanks to Carol Holaday for her wonderful instruction in the metal arts, and beautiful photography.