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2016 September 14
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by Patti


September 17, 18, 10-5 p.m.

Old Mill Park, 17 Cascade Way

Admission: $10



Saturday, September 24 (one day only!) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

4200 Farm Hill Blvd.

Admission: $10

Ruffled Box Shirts

2016 January 12
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by Patti

Hi everyone, I have been up to my proverbial ears in end-of-year shows and other projects, so now that the dust has settled, I can show you my newest shirt.   It is my RUFFLED BOX SHIRT, which I love wearing.

Here it is, shown in a variety of linens . . . a great weight of cloth  for this design!

Ruffled Box Shirt by Patti Wells

Two Way Bucket Bag by Hana Momen

2015 October 6
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by Patti

A friend and I bought the pattern for this bag, designed by Hana Momen of the beautiful shop “Momen” at 1323 El Prado Ave, Torrance, CA.   She sells her  pattern for the “Two Way Bucket Bag” there, for $7.   The store website is

We bought all the hardware for the bag at the shop, and took a few months to choose fabrics and plan a time to get together.    Last weekend we took a day and had a wonderful time constructing this beautiful bag!  The pattern called for using  interfacing and fusible fleece to stiffen both the exterior and lining fabrics.   The result is that it will stay open, like a bucket, unless it is closed with the very effective magnet clasp.    It is a wonderful tote size, and another friend suggested it would be fun to cut the dimensions down and make one as a purse.   Really good idea, which tempts me already!   Here is the one I made:


Bucket Bag


and here is the beautiful one my friend made, keeping mine company . . .I loved the fabrics she chose.


both bags!


Two New Enamel Pieces

2015 September 1
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by Patti

Two variations on a shape/theme, just finished:  Japanese Farmhouse with Poppy Field neckpiece~Japanese Farmhouse with Poppy Field by Patti Wells 2015

And, Blue Lake neckpiece~

Blue Lake neckpiece by Patti Wells 2015


2015 August 30
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by Patti

Just got a new batch of scarves ready for the September shows.   I thought you’d like a look at a few of them.   It is SO fun to play with mixes of fabrics , some all the way from Japan . . . will this work?   Maybe?   Yes, I think so!

August scarves 1 August scarves 2

Friday Farmers’ Market

2015 August 14
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by Patti

Today is the farmers’ market, and I just got home with a load of beautiful vegies, strawberries, Early Girl Tomatoes, as well as some flat leaf parsley and cilantro.   Here is part of the haul . . . I cut off the ends of the kale and rainbow chard and submerged them in water to sit for a while to “plump up.”   The lady I buy most of my produce from has a little red-headed toddler baby boy with her often, but today, she must have found a babysitter.   There is something so pleasant about shopping for produce this way, in the open air,  knowing that these beautiful edibles came directly from the farm, probably picked early this morning.   I so appreciate these farmers who work so hard to provide us all with such bounty!Farmers' Market


Quiet Morning View

2015 August 10
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by Patti

Drinking my morning coffee, I was struck by the quiet . . . by the sun coming in the window and sending a ray of light onto the overstuffed chair.   A lovely way to begin the day; life’s little pleasures.
Quiet morning view

Night View

2015 August 2
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by Patti

and here it is!Parasol at night 2

Yard Sale Treasure

2015 August 1
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by Patti

On my way home from town today, I stopped at a yard sale in the little Carmel Valley Village (after passing three others on the way home, just so you know!) and found this old Japanese paper parasol for a dollar.   I wasn’t sure where I could use it until I got home and realized that it would make a perfect “covering” for the porch light.   Hanging it up was a bit of a challenge, but I prevailed, and now I can hardly wait until night falls and I can see how pretty it will look with the light shining through it.   I may have to post another picture of the night view tomorrow.Parasol Aug. 1 copy

I also got a package of Zen cards for fifty cents.   The card on the top of the pile read: “Understand that the JOURNEY is as important as the destination.  ENJOY every moment, and live life fully.   This is Zen.”  Amen.

Tumbled Glass

2015 July 27
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by Patti

Yesterday I went on a clean-out binge in my kitchen.   It is a wonderful thing to take everything out of a cupboard and discover what’s there.   I had  put these beautiful pieces of tumbled glass away in the cupboard, in a plastic bag,  several years ago, I’m afraid,  and never thought about them again until I came across them in my cleaning yesterday.    I was delighted to see them again and did a little still -life setup with them and a fuschia cutting I found in Carmel, along with an image that I use in my resin neckpieces.    I love looking at the glass pieces, especially!   I bought the bag of them a few years ago at a business in San Francisco called Building REsouces at 701 Amador Street.   They have a website:   If you’re in the neighborhood . . .tumbled glass