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Hallway Light

2015 July 7
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by Patti

This morning as I passed the front hall, the light coming in the little window in the front door cast a spell. . .My front hall

Getting Ready

2015 July 7
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by Patti

Getting readyGetting ready for a show in Los Altos this weekend . . . lots of ironing ahead!


2015 July 5
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by Patti

I am SO happy to announce that I have created a small home for myself on Pinterest.   Search for me at this link:

I have four boards:  My Clothing, My Jewelry,  Images I Love,  and Jane Cather, (my long time friend and major inspiration!)   More to come, I’m sure, in the days ahead.   Please feel free to drop by!

“Strawing In”

2015 July 5
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by Patti

Strawing InBack in the day, I was part of an Irish tradition called, “Strawing In.”   In Ireland,  if musicians are not invited to a wedding, they create these straw head coverings and crash the wedding, incognito,  playing a wild reel to make a splashy entrance!  A group of us decided to “straw in” at a friend’s wedding in Monterey.   This headpiece was made by Micheal Roach, in the 1990’s, for me to wear . . . he had never made one before, but this was one was brilliant!!

My Metal Work Apron

2015 May 28
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by Patti

I made this apron quite a few years ago now, out of a length of heavy denim someone gave me.   It’s been well used, as you can see.   I wear  it when I’m working in the jewelry studio (garage).

This morning I was surfing around Pinterest, and then wandered into the kitchen where this apron hangs.   With my mind full of  Pinterest images, my eye saw this apron as a sculpture, of sorts!   A dirty sculpture, at that . . .

Work Apron by Patti Wells

Helen Hyde

2015 May 26
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by Patti

I discovered Helen Hyde’s wonderful paintings of children from roughly 100 years ago.    If you search for her name and then click on images, you’ll see her body of work.   I SO love the looseness of her style!   A_native_daughter_-_Helen_Hyde

Bent Blue Neckpiece

2015 May 22
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by Patti

This piece was my experiment in bending the copper shape before I enameled it.   I don’t always know how I will attach a piece to the hanging frame, so in this case I just drilled two holes at either top edge and trusted I’d think of something.   The “something” turned out to look a lot like ears!   So be it!Blue enamel -blog-patti wells 2

Lamp wearing a Parasol

2015 May 21
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by Patti

Well, both the lamp and the parasol came to me by way of a certain thrift shop.   I was using the lamp in the corner of my living room, and the parasol came later.   I was walking around the house trying to find a place for it to reside, and suddenly looked at the lamp.   It was an “aHA” moment, and the lamp became a sculpture!Lamp with parasol

Crazy Scarves!

2015 May 20
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by Patti

Here are three of my new scarf designs in cotton and rayon knit.   They are really fun to make, and I usually add the little black square “signature” with the felted wool tail.   Some ladies like to tie the two tails together.   They are soft and comfortable to wear, with plenty of length to make a real splash down the front of whatever you are wearing.   Or, the back, for that matter!jersey knit scarves for blog

Japanese Images Set in Resin

2015 May 9
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by Patti

I found this image in a book of old Japanese postcards from the turn of the last century.  It’s called “Girl with an Umbrella.”   I fabricate the frame from red brass, with the sterling silver “flap,” and add some antique beads that pick up the colors in the image.  I pour resin into the frame and when it sets up, I have a very durable piece that contains one of the  many wonderful old images available from historical Japanese artists.



Girl w umbrella for blog




and, here is another one from the same book:



Resin dragonfly for blog