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Friday Farmers’ Market

2015 August 14
by Patti

Today is the farmers’ market, and I just got home with a load of beautiful vegies, strawberries, Early Girl Tomatoes, as well as some flat leaf parsley and cilantro.   Here is part of the haul . . . I cut off the ends of the kale and rainbow chard and submerged them in water to sit for a while to “plump up.”   The lady I buy most of my produce from has a little red-headed toddler baby boy with her often, but today, she must have found a babysitter.   There is something so pleasant about shopping for produce this way, in the open air,  knowing that these beautiful edibles came directly from the farm, probably picked early this morning.   I so appreciate these farmers who work so hard to provide us all with such bounty!Farmers' Market


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