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Good eats!

2010 December 29
by Patti
Antique Envelope with Enamel Pins

Antique Envelope with Enamel Pins

When I was growing up in the central valley in California, my mother’s family lived in Denver, Colorado, and once a week my mom and her mother wrote letters to each other. In those days, long distance calls were considered quite a luxury, so they rarely called each other; instead, they shared their lives in letters.

When we would get a letter from “Nannie,” my mom would always read it to me. It was full of news about what she had done that week, and usually she would spend an afternoon at the Methodist church sewing circle. Nannie was a fabulous sewer, knitter, tatter, etc. (My mom remembered that she never sat down without her handwork in her lap.) So in her letters to us, she always itemized the potluck dishes that her friends would bring, and would finish up by saying, “Good eats!”

I might add that when we would go to Colorado on our summer vacation, her pantry was full of her homebaked cakes, pies, cookies, and often, the lightest, most scrumptous cinnamon rolls . . . good eats!!!

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