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2010 November 22
by Patti

A fun project I can highly recommend is to stage a playday with a group of friends on some sort of regular basis. Usually there are six to eight of us, and we pick a medium for the day. One day not long ago we decided to play with aluminium screening. This bird was my attempt that day. Once I formed him I spray painted him with flat black metal paint, and then put a red string in his mouth.

Speaking of play, I just watched a very interesting documentary from Netflix called “1000 Journals”. A young man from the SF area decided to give away 1000 blank journals (with his return email address:, so people could send them back to him when they were full.) If you get a chance, check out his website, and the video . . .it’s a wonderful story. One of the outtakes featured an event at Port Townsend, WA called Artfest. Talk about a PLAYWEEK!!!!

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