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Spring is blooming on the patio!

2015 May 6
by Patti

But, it wasn’t always that way.   That robust cactus spent a few years on my dining room table, not growing, in a sort of holding pattern: alive, but not thriving.  Then one evening I was having dinner at a friend’s kitchen table and she had a cactus on her table that was BURSTING with vigor.   Its leaves were glowing.   Really!   Glowing.

So I asked her, why is this plant SO healthy ???   And she told me the secret.   She was fertilizing it with a product called Maxsea, a seaweed brand plant food.

Well, I bought some the next time I was on 4th Street in Berkeley at the Gardener, and in a few months, it was sprouting new leaves, and in a while it had doubled in size, and this spring, for the first time, it has BLOOOOOMED!!Christmas Cactus, 2015 FOR BLOG

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