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The Small Grey Cat

2010 November 15
by Patti

Adopt MeA few summers ago, late afternoon, a small grey cat wandered into our patio. She seemed hungry, and friendly, so I gave her something to eat. We went out for dinner, and when we got back, the small grey cat was accompanied by a little grey kitten. I thought, “uh-oh.”

No kidding. The next morning, the small grey cat was surrounded by SIX little grey kittens! They looked to be about five weeks old.

My cute mom was still alive then, and was in the midst of Alzheimer’s, and she was quite upset to have the patio full of kittens, so my brother and his wife came over while I was away at a show and tried to trap them. They were able to get the mother cat in a box, but were told that they shouldn’t take the mother away from the kittens because they were probably still nursing, they decided to let mama out of the box and she promptly disappeared. So it was just my mom and me and six kittens! I called various animal groups trying to find a person to foster these wild babies: all feral, but there was no one available. So, I made them a bed next to the water heater in a closet in the garage, and set about fostering.

Every morning they would come racing out of the garage and into the back yard, up the pepper tree, into cardboxes I had lying around for them to hide in. It was SO MUCH FUN! And usually, several times a day, they would end up having a nap on the patio chair. My brother came over and took their picture one afternoon, so I could post it around town and find them homes.

I tamed them by hand feeding them boiled chicken, and was so happy to get them all adopted in the next few weeks. It was one of the most satisfying and entertaining experiences I have ever had. I can highly recommend it.

p.s. The mama cat showed up a year later and has lived here with me ever since.

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