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Tumbled Glass

2015 July 27
by Patti

Yesterday I went on a clean-out binge in my kitchen.   It is a wonderful thing to take everything out of a cupboard and discover what’s there.   I had  put these beautiful pieces of tumbled glass away in the cupboard, in a plastic bag,  several years ago, I’m afraid,  and never thought about them again until I came across them in my cleaning yesterday.    I was delighted to see them again and did a little still -life setup with them and a fuschia cutting I found in Carmel, along with an image that I use in my resin neckpieces.    I love looking at the glass pieces, especially!   I bought the bag of them a few years ago at a business in San Francisco called Building REsouces at 701 Amador Street.   They have a website:   If you’re in the neighborhood . . .tumbled glass

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