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Two Way Bucket Bag by Hana Momen

2015 October 6
by Patti

A friend and I bought the pattern for this bag, designed by Hana Momen of the beautiful shop “Momen” at 1323 El Prado Ave, Torrance, CA.   She sells her  pattern for the “Two Way Bucket Bag” there, for $7.   The store website is

We bought all the hardware for the bag at the shop, and took a few months to choose fabrics and plan a time to get together.    Last weekend we took a day and had a wonderful time constructing this beautiful bag!  The pattern called for using  interfacing and fusible fleece to stiffen both the exterior and lining fabrics.   The result is that it will stay open, like a bucket, unless it is closed with the very effective magnet clasp.    It is a wonderful tote size, and another friend suggested it would be fun to cut the dimensions down and make one as a purse.   Really good idea, which tempts me already!   Here is the one I made:


Bucket Bag


and here is the beautiful one my friend made, keeping mine company . . .I loved the fabrics she chose.


both bags!


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