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Yard Sale Treasure

2015 August 1
by Patti

On my way home from town today, I stopped at a yard sale in the little Carmel Valley Village (after passing three others on the way home, just so you know!) and found this old Japanese paper parasol for a dollar.   I wasn’t sure where I could use it until I got home and realized that it would make a perfect “covering” for the porch light.   Hanging it up was a bit of a challenge, but I prevailed, and now I can hardly wait until night falls and I can see how pretty it will look with the light shining through it.   I may have to post another picture of the night view tomorrow.Parasol Aug. 1 copy

I also got a package of Zen cards for fifty cents.   The card on the top of the pile read: “Understand that the JOURNEY is as important as the destination.  ENJOY every moment, and live life fully.   This is Zen.”  Amen.

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